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OJS Guidelines      
1. Account Registration Guidelines id VIDEO  
2. Article Submission Guidelines id VIDEO  
3. Password Reset Guidelines id VIDEO  
4. Guidelines for Revising Articles (Bag Submission) id VIDEO  
5. Guidelines for Reviewing Articles (for Reviewers) id VIDEO  
6. Guidelines for Revising Articles after review (Bag Review) id VIDEO  
6. Guidelines for Revising Articles (Bag Copyediting) id VIDEO  
7. Guidelines for Sending Statement Letters id VIDEO  
Author Guidelines      
1. Author Guidelines id HTML  
2. Article Templates id WORD  
3. Article Writing Guidelines id    
4. Publication Fee id HTML  
5. Quote Style id HTML  
6. Image Specific Guidelines id HTML  
7. Reference Application Usage Guidelines id Mendeley Zotero
8. Guidelines for Signing Digital Letters id VIDEO1 VIDEO2
Statement letter      
1. Statement of Authenticity Article id WORD  
2. Statement letter id WORD  
More Guide      
1. How to Check Wrong Spelling in an article id VIDEO1 VIDEO2